About sky rascals

A group of friends travelling around on their flying motorbikes, landing at and exploring some of the coolest places the world has to offer.

explorIng the world

We are incredibly lucky to be able to see the world from a whole different perspective. Mountains, coastline, forests, rivers, castles and clouds all look better from above.

Doing aMAzing things

We are constantly thinking of new and exciting missions, events & challenges. We love working on awesome projects with awesome people. 

InspirIng AdveNturers

We film our adventures to capture the epicness of the world and inspire people to get out and explore everything from other worldly landscapes to unique, unknown, places.

promotIng safe aviation

We are incredibly privileged to aviate with such freedom. We put great importance on the safety of ourselves and others, respect of our surroundings and communities we fly near.

What is a rascal?

Rascals are mischievous, but their intentions are to have fun and cause no harm.

What is a Paramotor?

Arguably, the simplest form of powered aviation. Paramotoring combines a paraglider wing, with a lightweight engine to power the aircraft over long distances.

A Paramotor is basically a cross between a deck chair, a rucksack and an aircraft. It’s comprised of an engine, frame and harness. Paramotors are built to be lightweight, strong and extremely awesome. They pack down small enough to fit in a car or take on a plane and can be reassembled in 15 minutes. We can be airborne for up to 3 hours and cover 100 miles. We can extend the range by landing at petrol stations.

The Paramotor wing is a modified paragliding wing. The wing remains inflated by air pressure passing through and over the wing. To steer the wing, you simply pull on brakes attached to back side of the wing.

The Sky Rascals

three daring James Bond types, parachuting into unknown territories whilst explosions and fire rages all around…*


ever since he was a young girl, Ben has dreamt of the skies, now he lives the dream


resident fashion queen Paul keeps us presentable, when he’s not soaring with eagles


often found clipping his nails before flight, Tom brings a touch of class